Share your tips for staying warm during our first arctic blast!

Winter is officially here, though Maryland is not being pounded by snow, the frigid air is here!

What are some of your tips for staying warm?

Before changing clothes, I throw them in the dryer a few minutes to eliminate the cold and dampness.

I do the same with blankets before going to bed!

Would you believe that down here in Louisiana we are expecting a freeze tonight. Cant stay warm. will be cold till July.

Whoa! There’s one for the books, Martha! Bundle up, my friend!

Here in SW Missouri had lots of hoarfrost along the roads, (deposit of ice crystals on objects exposed to the free air, such as grass blades, tree branches, or leaves. It is formed by direct condensation of water on the ground.) and have had several freezes. Tonight already at 8 p.m. was 12 o . So, already wearing layers. I use heating pad with lap blanket when sitting long periods at computer or reading. I make rice bags from tube socks (for gifts I get right colorful socks) and warm in microwave and wrap around legs, feet, back or neck and where ever needed. I take those to bed with me at night and lay between legs and feet b/c circulation at night dwindles.

Something to be said for "Three Dog Night" LOL


Wool socks are a must when the temps are cold! l am battling hot flashes so not sure how l will be different this winter. Last summer was the first summer in many years that l did not wear long sleeve and long pants at night. When l get cold it makes the neuropathy pain worse. So l don't wear shorts often in the summer. l have bed buddy bags that are great for sore muscles and warming self up. l wear a robe around the house and dress in layers, take them off and on throughout the day. l have put a heating pad in the bed to warm it up before l get in. lt is hard for me to get warm and stay that way once l get cold. l have hubby start my truck before l need to go out if l remember. Ear muffs and scarves too. l really dislike my face or ears to get cold, but hate wearing a hat. Too much static! l go to water aerobic often and wear a rash guard and boardshorts in the winter, or maybe a wetsuit! l may look strange at the indoor pool, but at least l am warmer than the others. LOL