Signs of nerve regeneration

i have had no results from ivig, next predisone then plasma exchange and Rituxin. I have pure sensory cidp for 4 years but since I started wave therapy I grave had constant tingling and some ins and needles now for 12 weeks. Does this mean my nerves are starting to regenerate?

If I can feel something you have not been able to feel since having CIDP then yes I take that as my remyelinating nerves coming back on line.

If possible take a new EMG test to determine if measurable changes in nerve conductivity? If you have not had an EMG test before, request one as a baseline to measure future changes plus or minus. Do balance exercises and track your progress. But if you are feeling change, then change is occurring as you stated or questioned. I’ll pray that it is positive change and your nerves are waking up from hibernation. This disease does come and then go. Believe it is going and that you are healing and fight for this to continue

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