Slight Hand Tremor

Just wanted to check and see if anyone has experienced any hand tremors with CIDP. I am on 50 mg of prednisone daily and I am getting better but I don't know if the prednisone is causing these slight tremors in hands as a side effect? Can anyone comment if they've experienced.

I know and read that it can be caused by pred.

Mine started years ago with hand tremors. I suspect it’s the CIDP. If the tremors are getting better with the prednisone it’s not the prednisone causing it. Are you on any other meds? IVIG has really helped me. Neurotin also help me with leg and arm tremors. Good Luck

I would suspect it’s the CIDP as well. I had slight hand tremors before being diagnosed. I was started on 60 mg Prednisone and the tremors got slightly better but still appear. I am being tapered down on the Prednisone, right now I’m taking 50 mg and the tremors are still here. Plus the Prednisone makes me quite shaky at times. I am awaiting IVIG approval and they just added Azathioprine to the treatment mix as well. I hope this helps

My son was diagnosed with CIDP 2 years ago, he too has a slight tremor in his hands. Our doctor believes this is due to the CIDP and the weakness he has suffered. My son is treated with ivig infusions whenever he has a relapse. He has not relapsed for 7 months but still has the tremor. I have been told there is a website to a charity for tremor sufferers offering advice to ease the symptoms. All the best

i was diagnosed with cidp almost 2yrs ago. i'm on ivig & pred ++. the hand tremor started just a few months ago - mostly in my left hand-i'm left handed - & mostly at night as soon as i get into bed. i've been told it's cidp & muscle fatigue.

My 14yo daughter was diagnosed with cidp 3 years ago and a month or so ago it was changed to Parsonage Turner syndrome (I’m not convinced). She has had hand tremors since the original diagnosis. She was having ivig as the only treatment for 3 years and it made no difference to the tremors. She is not on any treatment now and still has the tremors. I would love to know what causes it. She is very physically strong. Her Neuro thinks it’s psychological!?! She is upset about that.

I am only on IViG treatment and have had slight hand tremors for a few years now mainly in my right hand. It has never been debilitating and does not seem to be worsening at all so I have put it down to one of the effects of CIDP and my neurologist agrees.


I have had hand tremors in my left hand for years now which doctors dismissed as I have neck and shoulder problems. I've only been on prednisone recently and there is no connection between the severity of the hand tremors and the drug. In fact on higher dosages of prednisone the hand tremors seem to get better.

I agree with the others as well. I take no steroids at all but I still have considerable hand tremor. I think it is your CIDP.

My hand tremor was one of my first symptoms. The IV/IG helped considerably.

I had hand tremors from my CIDP. There were days I could barely feed myself! They started getting better a couple of months ago when my IVIG dose was significanytly increased. Now I don’t have them at all.

Congrats FLgirl and Rachel GWaW on the reduction of your tremors. That's awesome!


Hi Everyone thanks so much for all your feedback and being so responsive!!! Very grateful. It really isn't as bad but it is still just there and it does get annoying sometimes. I talked to my neuro today and he said not to worry that it is part of CIDP. Thankfully I am getting super better in all aspects with CIDP it is just this that sprouted.

I've had hand tremors for two years now. Some day there better them other. The increase in my IVIG has not helped. My neurologist say with the new meds there going to try me on it should help I'll just wait and see

Alright Ben that's great news. Thanks for the update.

I posted this exact question about tremors a year and a half ago. I am on IVig for treatment. I have noticed that they are worse when I use my hands a lot. But then they reduce when I rest, particularly at night. I'm not taking anything for it, but am doing occupational therapy. I didn't have them in the beginning. But since they seem to be getting better, I just observe to see how things will go and check in with my doctor constantly.

Hi Gopi, I'm glad your hand tremors seem to be getting better. My hands are most steady first thing in the morning probably because, like you said, I haven't used them in awhile. Do you remember how it was, in pre-CIDP days, when you picked something up that was really heavy your hands/arms would shake? I've lost 60 pounds in the past 18 months and most of that was muscle mass so I'm trying to build my muscles up again and hopefully reduce my hand tremors at the same time. Occupational Therapy is good! My doc prescribed PT for me and, after a few sessions of stretching, I hit the weights (8 lbs lol). My legs aren't up to that yet so I did all upper body stuff. That was last Monday and it wasn't easy. It hurt then and it still hurts now but I'm going back for more today! My thinking is that, as I get my muscles stronger, my tremors will improve. I may be wrong but it's worth a shot and more muscle is a good thing for us CIPD folks. Hang in there and never give up or give into this disease!


I have had hand tremors off and on - usually what my doctor referred to as an "intention tremor" I seldom experience the tremor unless I am trying to do something like write or put a stamp on an envelope, things that should be simple. It was one of my early symptoms and got ignored. Now it tends to come and go. I find if I am the least bit tired or have used my hands a lot, it's much worse - to the point I just can't use my hands.

In my case I know it's not Pred because I've elected not to take that at this point.