So nervous

I was diagnosed with GBS June 23rd, 2014. I came home July 16th only to return five days later. I spent nearly another month hospitalized being discharged on August 19th. To be honest I don’t think they knew what was wrong with me because both times they performed a lumbar puncture and each time it was normal. My symptoms and the nerve testing they did were the only thing that they used to say I had GBS. I battle with weakness still some days are better than others but the pain never stops. I get these white spots in my vision and I really think I have MS it runs in my family but all the tests they performed were negative. I’m just nervous I don’t want to spend another day or night in the hospital but it still get the numbness and tingling in my legs

Best wishes to you Deana. I have no great words of wisdom - but I do wish you the best. I had GBS about 20 years ago. I do not think I have many residuals from it - my legs are a bit weak when I try to climb into a very large high truck my friend has - but I attribute that to old age rather than the GBS. Nebretta

My daughter was in the hospital for 4weeks and rehab for 5 weeks moved in with me 5 weeks ago thru this entire time

she has experienced sever leg pains . She moved home with her husband yesterday due to the fact she can know walk with her walker

I have been walking with a cane for about a week now. Yesterday the numbness and weakness is back to the point that I cannot stand. I’m going back to the hospital today and I’m quite certain that they’ll keep me because it seems to have gotten worse. I’m even struggling to type this. I really do not understand this disease and I just want to be normal again

Beautiful Deana;

My prayers will be with you. For me, prayers have accomplished miracles. I was diagnosed with GBS on July 9, but suffered with it since June 26. I contacted every person in my phone that knew how to pray, and requested that they put me on any prayer list in any church of any denomination that knew how to pray. I sent multiple texts describing what was happening to me and people were horrified, and galvanized. My recovery has been miraculous. I am now walking without a walker (most of the time) and have acclimated amazingly to the gabapentin.

Don't forget your vitamins, to exercise in any way you can a few times a day with the physical therapy exercises, to sing!!!! and laugh!!! and build yourself up with love and lots of affection. Remind your body what it means to be happy. Don't let that old bully named fear kick you around. Stare him down and tell him to leave.

Get healthy! Your immune system wants to fight for you, but it went a little haywire. The IVIG is amazing miraculous medicine that rebooted your immune system and is helping it get back on the right track .

I will remember to pray for you.