Social security disability

My husband just received his last short term disability check from his work. Has anyone applied for benefits from social security and how long did it take?

i did and i was denied. seems you almost always have to hire an attorney to receive these benefits... i did not persue this because i made a full recovery..

Get an attorney from the initial supplication. I got immediate approval. They have certain “diagnoses” that automatically qualify. I have CIDP, and it’s one (along with blindness) that gets approved rather quickly, but I had to be off work for awhile.

My company I work for after my LTD was over they automatic set me up with a agency that did all my paper work and all the submitting to the SS office all I need was to talk to them over the phone fax all the medical paper work give names of my doctors and 4 to 5 months I was approved, and also I`m still a active employee wit my comp. hope u get approved quick .

My own unions have provided me with a dissability pension, but I did go through the dissability procvess with Social Security. It was easy and they made it even easier for me. I was interviewed irst at The Sopcial Security office nearest me. It could not have been more than five minutes; I presented a single letter from my doctor and that was it. they had me see three doctors of their choosing. I explained how difficult this would be for me; three additional doctors' appointments were incredibly arduous. I signed a document giving them access to my medical records. They set it up so that ALL THREE DOCTORS made time to meet me at the same time. The examination was 45 minutes long and it was clear that they'd decided before I walked in because these three pjysicians talked with me asking questions that seemed to pertain to making sure that I was getting all that I could out of my medical care.

Bam. Dissability granted. Now I was marrried for 22 years (we lived together for 25) Like Congress, I paid into a retirement plan associated with my union and not into FICCA. So my dissability pension comes from PERAC. Social Security however covers me with medicare (and medicaid if I had the energy to get to that office.) and when I reach the age of 62 I can collectr based on my edx-wife's FICCA.

Begin by calli ng Social Security and make an appointment. Gather the paperwork you will need as well as medical releases (you can type these up yourself and sign them in front of the person who will interview you) and after you have done this first appointment they really do take over for you and make it easier.

I hope that the process is as easy for you as for me. What slowed me down was the promise that in two years I would be back to 95%. I didn;t WANT to be disssbled. I wanted to continue cr5eating theatre, teaching, conducting festiv als and concerts and composing music. So I waited five years and burned through all of my savings. ALL. It's a very painful process to admit to yourseolf and the government, that you officially give up the battle. But do it and do it fastl because being dissabled is humiliating but dissabled and poor is simply pathetic.

I say this to everyone, but only because it is of the utmost importance: you must consider yourself as much a patient as your husband. The caregicver in ANY chronic illness is very vulnerable. There are things you must do to take care of yourself. They include therapy, live support groups (though the on line one is a good first step) but you will burn out; you will be consumed by the indiference of society; you will burn out fighting red tape. Clearly you;'re aware already given that you're asking about Sopcial Security, but I don;t want you to lose as I lost and what my wife lost.


Thanks for all of the information. My husband is calling a corporation his company contracts with to help with disability filing. How Long does it usually take to receive benefits after initial application?

I was diagnosed withGBS in August of 2011 and came home from hospital/nursing home September 2012. I applied for SSI in November and had my first check by December 1 2012. I don’t know how this happened so quickly other than maybe I was doing some updates for my young daughters SSI and her caseworker asked me right there to go ahead and get starrted on mine. Boom, it was done in 30 minutes and I received my award letter two weeks later. Don’t know if this helps but…

In order to qualify for ssi or ssa your disability has to be expected to last a year. If you are denied the first time, file an appeal right away. If you are denied again, the best thing is to get an attorney. Good Luck, hope you recover soon!

I have had guillain barre since aug of 2013! I have not had my hearing yet !i live off of welfare with some help from my brother! is very exhausting trying to keep my sanity because I have children that live with me too. I have had seizures .transluecant visual loss, anemic. analgias, numbness,muscles are still very week and very fatigued all the time! I went from can work to doing nothing struggling in therapy to get back what I lost! I am greatful to be alive but I still suffer from depression because im progressing very slow!my hearing is coming up in march I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with answering me about ssi!!

Get an attorney. Makes it so much easier. Make sure your medical records are complete. You will need to educate your lawyer about your condition by supplying him or her with as much info on GBS/CIDP as possible.