Social Security Disability

Anybody here collecting Social Security Disability benefits for their GBS? Anybody here file a disability claim years after coming down with GBS and was approved?

Hi Spencer;

I filed a claim 4 years into GBS when I had given up ever working again.

It was approved , full disability . Try applying yourself , before hiring an attorney .

Thanks Bob, but the thing is I went back to work not fully recovered. Been working the past 2 years. Since then, I'm still weak in the legs and shoulders; I get fatigue will fast and at the end of the day all I want to do is lie in bed. Don't know if I can work until I can retire at age 66. I'll make 59 in Nov.

I filed for social security and was approved. I was going to work till I was 70 years old. I have a lot of pain. I have trouble sleeping and take sleeping pills to sleep. More power to you for being able to work. I could not return to work and was forced to resign. I understand the fatigue. My best to you.

I have gotten denied because they told me it was treatable? Any suggestions?

Hi Terri, I have heard stories where GBS applicants were denied by SSA and they appealed the decision not once but twice and won. Don't give up. Even if GBS is treatable, it is not a certainty that recovery will be 100% or enough to be able to perform your duties at work. Safety for your wellbeing is another factor if you're not capable of doing your duties.

hi..there i too file there for the social security and it was approved.they gave me 40% disability approval certificate..