Solumedrol and increased heart rate


Last week I was in hospital for a three day corticosteroid treatment.

I experienced side effects in form of elevated heart rate, "beeing wound up (?)" sleplessness.

My last dose was on friday (jan 23). I tried to go home no thursday but had to return and spend another night at the hospital because of rapid breathing an high pulse.

My questions are.

Can steroids cause cidp symtoms to increase? It seems like all my problems are coming back reinforced now. My bladder is out of control, my arms an legs are weaker than in a long time.

I am troubled by my heart rate. How long can I expect higher hert rate due to the steroids? My resting heart rate now is high and usually in the 100-130 area.

It´s wearing me down...

Yep! Does the same to me. I had 3 infusions and was awake for about 2-3 months straight sleeping about 3 hrs per night if I was lucky. Heartburn, weight gain, super munchies, and all my senses became hypersensitive came along to join my all night parties. Not long later, I developed a case of palmo-plantar pustular psoriasis which is not uncommon after steroid infusions. My skin was red & hot and my doctor told me he had never seen anyone react so violently to it before. The weight gain was 70# in the 3 months following which I am still working on getting off. As a result of the infusions, I now have adrenal insufficiency. Good luck to you!