Some Thoughts On Medicinal Mushrooms

A lot of my own online research involves complementary therapies regarding MFS/GBS and auto-immune conditions. I'm always trying to find things that will assist me. I've found a few long shots like ginger or alpha lipoic acid, but the one that I read a lot about that seems to have some real research behind it are medicinal mushrooms. Lion's Mane was the first one I came across, and it seems to have some potential for nerve repair. I've also come across articles that say a mushroom blend is even better because there is a synergistic effect. A blend I came across was Host Defense's Stamet 7 extract. I liked that they are organic (Mushrooms can easily absorb pesticides) and the company produces both the mushrooms themselves and the extracts, as well as being pretty reputable. Also, importantly the blend itself appears to have an immuno-modulating effect.

So at this point you'd think I'd just be taking the blend to my heat's content and that's the end of the story, but it appears there isn't total agreement about some mushrooms immuno-modulating effects, in particular cordyceps (which is part of the blend I liked). For example, WebMD advises that people with auto-immune conditions should avoid cordyceps claiming it makes the immune system more active. However, in many other places they say that cordyceps has an immuno-suppressant effect, and in fact it was used to develop pharmaceuticals to treat MS. Others say that it does both simultaneously, and that actually it just restores healthy immune system function.

Reading on mushrooms and the immune system is very interesting. There seems to be real potential for it to provide benefit to restoring healthy immune system function and nerve repair. Which would be nice for us MFS/GBS sufferers. But when I read things like on WebMD about cordyceps it obviously makes me a little cautious to experiment on myself. On the other hand, I don't like that WebMD doesn't cite its source for making that recommendation. It also seemed overly simplistic, and I'm having trouble finding their recommendation anywhere else also. So does anyone here have any thoughts on medicinal mushrooms? It seems like Lion's Mane is worth a shot in and of itself, but I think there's something to be said for the blends too. I'd appreciate some input. Thanks!

I heard about the mushrooms too. Iam willing to try anything at this point, iam like you dd a lot of research. Doctors refuse to help me. So iam treating myself. Where do you get them

I did the pure brown seaweed extract, but it was to much for me,due the thyroid problems

The brand here in the states that seems trustworthy is Host Defense. That's Paul Stamet's company and he is one of the leading mycologists. They are organic and with a long history. I'd opt for the extracts over the capsules because the extracts are easier on the digestive system. They also 3rd party test their products (purity is always a concern with supplements). But I'm sure there are other reputable companies. I'd definitely want it to be organic and purity tested. Like I said in my post, Lion's Mane seems to be the one that has no "controversy", since it has such a long history of culinary and medicinal use.

Speaking of culinary, I also try to add mushrooms into my diet as well. Particularly Shiitake in my miso soups. I try and have a few of those a week with some seaweed in them for iodine. I always cook my mushrooms because raw ones are harder on your stomach because of the chitin. In my quest for treating myself, I've started to move towards the idea of boosting general health rather than focusing on one thing. I think this whole auto-immune business is systemic and improving everything, from gut health to brain health, will lead to a better recovery. Just my two cents!

Thank you so much. Yes I have done some research, and finding what works for me. I was told only organic when it comes to any of the supplements. I will look it up tonight and thank you again