Sorry for my absence!

I know I've been gone for a couple of months, without warning, and I apologize to each and every one of you. There's been a lot going on, all long stories, all up-hill climbs...

My daughter-in-law finally had her surgery yesterday, and NO cancer was found, as was suspected! She will most likely need further surgeries, but this is such a relief! We've either had the kids and grand kids or have been cooking and sending/taking them meals.

I started a new immuno-suppressant med, Humira, and I'm having a rough time tolerating it. I had not taken Enbrel for a year, and when I did, I took 2 small doses a week, The Humira is dosed once every two weeks and each time it has literally knocked me flat. I'm hoping to better tolerate it. It's the strongest med I have ever taken, it is much more potent than morphine or demerol, but as yet, has no pain killing qualities! That may take many months to decide, but hopefully will slow down joint damage.

Those are just a few 'on the pile', the big one coming up is next week, my grand daughter is having her wisdom teeth cut out. She wants me to take care of her, as I'm not sure her mom is yet able, and she wants home made noodles! ha! It's always something!

I hope all are well, and withstanding the winter weather!

I'll try to be more present!

Wishing you all well,

Susan aka SK

So happy to see you, Susan! We missed you so much!

Hiiiii!!!! I have been concerned about you. Asked everyone I knew here "were's SK?" So glad you stopped in, Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Will keep you and your loved ones in my prayers.

Big Hugs

Braylin's Gramma aka Gaynelle