Special problems with finger joints?

I have strange problems with my finger phalangeal joints. Doctors do not know what it is about. Especially middle joints try to stuck all the time if I don't do all the time some exercise with my fingers. I take natriumhyaluronate to add joint liquor hoping it will help.

This last year I’ve had a lot of problems with locking fingers (trigger finger) plus severe carpsl tunnel, but not in the middle joint. I will be having my 5th surgery on my hands within a year. The surgery really helps the pain and locking, but getting tired of surgeries- i’ve never heard of the joint liquor you mentioned-can you tell more of what it is and is ut helping- sure hope it’s helping you.

Hi HM,

Has the PXT helped your finger joints? I'm hopeful!

Hi SK,

Yes, it clearly has helped, no more inflammation in finger joints. I think it's mainly Naltrexone.., LDN is often prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis because of it's anti-inflammatory properties.


This surely is progress, I’m thrilled for you!

I have that happen too all different finger thumb, year ago had cortisone shots in thumb and it has returned but rarely. My fingers stick and need to use other hand to pry (so to speak) them open. Hurts when stuck. I also have three outer fingers (won't go straight) that won't lie down on a table for instance, like the other hand does.