SsI success tips

I am currently on STD with the intention of applying for SSI and was looking for tips from people that have successfully been awarded SSI.
I was a Contract Manager using a computer 8-10 hrs per day and can no longer do this work. I am 56 years old and heard my age will be to my benefit.

Kathi, I was also on STD, applied for Social Security and was approved the first time. I kept a daily diary of my CMT and a history of my life with cmt, which I sent with my application. I also sent pictures of my hands/feet, the braces I wear and a printed explanation of CMT. I applied for SS on the Internet, had one phone conversation with my case worker, immediately filled out the paper work I received and was approved at exactly six weeks and the first time I applied. I believe the information that I provided helped my process go very quick. I wish you the best of luck in the process.


Best thin I did was to go have a P.T.assessment at doctors requests and recommendation. Hands down, no question b/c its not that we cannot do anything it's that we can not hold up to the repetitious tasks doing a job 8 + hrs all day and 5 day work week. That assessment clearly showed this.