Starting Fresh

I decided early in life I wanted to do something in the medical profession. I was a biology-neuroscience major through college and applied to medical school my last year. I made it to the interview phase but was not accepted. That's when I realized I was relieved... I thought maybe this wasn't the right path after all. I got a job as a pharmacy technician and thought that would be a great path for me. I could still use my degree that I worked so hard for and I would be happy! I was going to apply to pharmacy school. Then I got GBS. At first, I felt sort of like my life stood still as I watched my friends around me get jobs and start their lives. I felt helpless... I think it's easy to feel that way when you can't even bathe yourself. Everyone walked on eggshells around me and told me what I couldn't do or shouldn't do and I got more and more frustrated. I thought "I'm 23 I want to go to that concert or see that band play at that bar or go on that trip with my friends!" That's when my mom changed things for me. She sat down and told me "I think you're lost... and that's ok! You've been through a traumatic experience but you are someone strong enough to pick up the pieces and make something better. Establish a goal, tell me what it is, and let me help you get there." At this point, I still can't drive or walk without a cane or walker. She pointed out to me that those things shouldn't stop me. She's right. Today I start a new journey. I'm going to find a fun part-time job. Something I would have never done before like making candles or something. I'm going to use this as an opportunity to make my life less stressful and more fun. I invite any of you who feel the same way I do to come on my journey with me.

P.S. I just found out yesterday that they make these foam tubes you can put on forks and pens that make them A LOT easier to hold... would have made my life easier months ago so I thought I would tell those who didn't know they exist!

Isn't it crazy how we have our lives planned out and then something like this puts us in a total different path? I'm happy you found another outlet and you seem to have a super supportive mom! Can't wait to see your candles :)