Stay away from Shingrix

Shingles medication may cause GBS.

Hi Spencer! Yes, there are warnings on the vaccine about GBS. As always, I would recommend that anyone who is looking into this have a chat with their doctor. This is from their site.

Sharon from ModSupport

I had just about made up my mind to get the shot, then I heard their disclaimer on their commercial. So that settles it, no shingle shot for me.

I understand that completely. I want the community as a whole to realize that this is a decision that each individual should make, and it is best made in conjunction with their doctors. There’s rarely a one size fits all solution.

Sharon from ModSupport

I’m wondering if anyone here with a history of GBS, CIDP, Polyneuropathy, etc has received the OLD shingles shot. I’m not going to get shingrix. The commercial says shingles doesn’t care about how clean or healthy you live, but I never want to go through my onset symptoms of 6 years ago again. Shingles is scary but I’m not going to risk more nerve damage.

I did get the COVID shots but haven’t had a flu shot since 2014.