Steam Cells Therapy for the Peripheral Nervous System's Damage Caused by GBS

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask You: What do You think about steam cells therapy for the for the peripheral nervous system's damage caused by GBS. I would like to stress out that I'm not talking about steam cells injections during the active pahse when the antibodies attack myelin sheets and acsons...I'm talking about the health conditions year after the GBS attack when you haven't get back to normal condition despite rehabilitations.

Let me tell You my story:

I ‘m a Polish citizen. In 1996 (when I was 20 years old) I went through very severe case of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. I had a flu and one day I started to feel numbness in my feet. The progress of paralysis was very rapid. In two days the paralysis went from toes to the neck and I had to be taken to the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. The treatment was 12 plasmatheresis. I had a non functional lungs muscles so I had to be connected to a respirator for 25 days. The recovery was very slow. I was paralyzed from toes (legs) to the neck for about 6 months. After six months I could move a finger. Luckily the recovery progressed with exercises. After 2 years I could walk a a few steps with an aid of a walking stick. After 3 years I could walk a short distances with a walking stick. The recovery generally stopped after 3 years. My current condition is: 37 y. of age. I can walk short distances with a walking stick (but it is not a normal walking pattern), however I cannot run, jump, stand in a place without support, crouch, stand on my toes. My muscles are getting tired very fast. I have very weak ankles and gastrocnemius and all the muscels are week and there are muscle waste. Dorsiflexion and plantar flexion are very week. I don’t take any medicines. In 2001 I had EMG tests and it showed myelin-axonal damage (unfortunately with the advantage of the axonal damage) of peripheral nervous system. However there are some interesting things in my case. Firstly 2001 EMG shows reinervation, secondy adductor and abductor muscles in my fingers got the function back after 6 years since the GBS attack.

Now I've contacted clinics all aound the world and some of them (in China, India, Mexico) responded very positive, saying that there is a strong possibility for the helath improvement for me via 3-4 iniections (via lumbar puncture) of embryo steam cells and 3-4 autologous steam cells (via IV). W

hat does everybody think about it?

Is it really possible? Do You know anyone who went through this treatment?

And why 95% of the cases in those clincs are central nervous systems damages, not peripheral nervous systems damages?

Waiting for you advice and help

Arek G

China, India, and Mexico are all notorious for dodgy treatments that are poorly regulated and for which there is little accountability. I do not think you are on a good path here, Arek-G.