Steps/symptoms during recovery

Hi all! I hope this finds you all on the way to healing. I just have a few quick questions. I'm 14 months into recovery and thankful that only my legs were affected (although badly.) I can now do mostly everything: walk, run, dance, jump etc BUT perhaps only for a minute to a few minutes. After that, I have no choice but to sit back in my wheelchair. I no longer have nerve pain, but I have terrible deep tendon/ligament pain and it's like they can't hold me up after a while. Is this a normal step in recovery? Did anyone else go through this? It's odd to me that I can do everything, but only for an insanely short amount of time (and standing still is the most difficult of all as it seems to tax my legs the most) Any answers would be much appreciated!


Hello! Thank you for posting, I wasn’t sure if it was just me or not. I am 13 months into recovery. Like you, I was mostly affected in my legs, I had significant weakness in my upper body but never lost full function. I had been in physical therapy until July, my therapist always told me that I am strong (compared to many others she works with, including many 20 somethings she does pre employment physicals with) and I feel pretty strong, I just can’t lift or do things that require strength for more than a few minutes. Standing still has never been my forte! :wink: but now, it is worse. One therapy assistant said it is because of the general weakness and need for a strong inner core to actually stand still. My balance isn’t great, I don’t trust myself in situations requiring balance.

I am doing yoga to build my inner core and increase stamina. It seems to be helping, but only as long as I don’t push myself too much.

I still have nerve pain and have not experienced the ligament pain you describe.

Wishing you the best!