Still messed up physically!

I am still experiencing electric shock, tingling, extreme fatigue, speech motor skills, neuropathy, light memory loss, and sick all over feeling. I have stinging around my nose with dark spots under my eyes. I was diagnosed this year in February 2013. My question is I seem to be chronic and not much better from the original diagnoses. Is anyone else still home bound and disabled like me? Some people have some left over problems but I am concerned they may have missed diagnosed me because my illness is chronic and daily? Any answers for me?

I am brand new to the group. I joined because I also have lingering issues. I was diagnosed in May of 2013. It started in my arms and within a week to my legs. I was unable to walk for only 1 night and it never got worse. I still don't walk "normal" and often use a cane and require a walker for a longer day (ex: at a theme park). I get very fatigued with very little exertion. I fight to keep doing all that I have ever done. I joined for your reason as well. I feel like I am not much better and live with it pretty much every day. My husband says that I have improved since the beginning but I have gained a bunch of weight from meds and being unable to move as much. It sounds like so many of us are affected very differently.

So, while I don't have any answers, know that you are not alone in feeling discouraged.

Going to Mayo Clinic January 13th & 14th in Jacksonville Florida to one of the top specialist. I will post his diagnoses. Hope you feel better. Chronic illness is tough. Thank you for sharing your story! Richard

I am also new to the group. I was diagnosed in 2011 and will have my 3 year anniversary next month. I still have many symptoms and have been reading that 30% of patients have symptoms for more the three years. I am functioning fine and have been for the around two years but am not anywhere near where I think I should be. I am retired and do not think I could work if I wanted to. Weakness, fatigue and shortness of breath are the worst symptoms.