Suggestion Box

Hello all of my new bff's (kids lingo for 'best friends forever')

I just ran across the group suggestion box, and joined! Could I ask you to also join and fill this box up for me? Tell me what you would like to see happen here in your group!

I'm open to all ideas, but please keep them reasonable!

SK, BFF can also stand for Ben's Friends friends. :)

Oh yes! Never thought about that one, but it works too! I'm new to all of this text lingo! I did learn a lot from the teens on the Fibromyalgia site! My grand kids are still teaching me too!

Anyone seen the new TV commercial about one neighbor asking the other what 'idk' means? That 's me! Ha!

Yes someday our posts will look like this. "IDK. TMI, BFF. LOL"

Jayme just posted a great discussion for all of you on the 'suggestion box ' group!

Please join and check it out!