Supplement has damaged my nerves?

Hi there,

I am really worried that I have done serious damage to my nerves by taking a supplement called CHAGA.

Suggested use: 1 tablet three times daily.
Chaga, a specialized tree mushroom, is a powerful immune system activator.
WARNING: If you are taking immunosuppressant medication consult your physician before using this product.

To explain I was struck by BGS about a month ago. Spent 4 days in hospital on IVIG and sent home with a checkup in 2 weeks. It is mainly my legs. I could walk as a shuffle with a frame. Hands and forearms and back also affected. I deteriorated in those 2 weeks with pain, sweating, high blood pressure, loss of weight. Shuffling with frame much harder.

At that checkup the Neurologist did the electrode test, said I have deteriorated and put me on steroids for 2 weeks until the next checkup. That was a week ago. No improvement. 5 days ago I carefully read the label on the Chaga that my well-meaning friend had given me.

Totally my fault for not checking what I have been eating. I have taken at least two tablets of a powerful immune system activator every day since the day I left hospital. I have clearly reversed the effect of the 4 days of IV immunoglobulin.

Worse than that I have actively supercharged my immune system twice a day to attack my nerves and blood vessels.

Totally explains my decline since leaving hospital. And in the last 5 days since I stopped taking it I feel much better – no sweating, blood pressure normal, numbness seems to have stopped spreading.

I know we can only reply on an ‘in my experience’ or ‘I have heard’ basis but I would welcome any comments to my questions. It would at least give me pointers to good questions to ask the neurologist at the next checkup in a week’s time.

Do you think the Chaga has done irreparable damage to my nerves?

Do you think my recovery will have been massively delayed by me taking the Chaga?

I am 46 and physically fit and not overweight – could puff and pant my way through a half marathon kind of fit. Well, could have a month ago!

Many thanks for the warm welcome from mdolich and Scott Orn. I hope in turn I can contribute to this forum.

Would welcome your thoughts on the above.


Hi Matt, I would not think that the Chaga caused irreversible damage, but probably a bump in the road to recovery. Since you stopped taking it, you should be able to start the healing process once again. Our neurologist prescribed Vitamin B to expedite healing of the nerves. You can also take extra Vitamin B by eating dark green leafy vegetables, such as Kale. One month is very, very little time for GBS recovery. Hang in there, it sounds like you are not doing too bad if you are able to write all of this down. :) Things will get better!