Are fatigue and Hand and leg cramps common with CMT?


I know that I suffer these same symptoms when the weather is crummy like it is today, or whenI get one of my paralysis attacks. these symptoms are so painful and they make me feel like a total klutz because one minute my hands are fine, the next minute,my hands feel like all of my hand bones are broken. It feels worse than arthritis.


According to my physiotherapist and in my experience we tire very quickly but also recover quickly . Sometimes my legs feel like lead and stepping over a small pebble feels like climbing a mountain so I know then I need to rest . Most of my relations with cmt are self employed so we can work to our own times and not get abused by employers who have no clue how we cope . After joining the Canadian international cmt group I found many people around the world had the same experiences so doctors could no longer make me feel like I was lying about my symptons .

my son has problems with the hand and leg cramps, I have problems with fatigue

I can get fatigued very easily these days and sometimes it can take several days to recover. Also get cramps in my fingers - they sort of lock and I can't move them for a while.

I have the same problems. My lower legs get so tired, just walking a short distance feels like climbing Mr. Everest. However, I do recover quickly with rest. I get cramping in my hands and legs, and find that magnesium helps. I did have aching in my upper arms, but Neurontin takes care of that.

Before joining this group, I though I was the only person with these strange symptoms. It is good to know that it is not "all in my mind".

My best wishes to al of you brave people.


I don't know about others with C.M.T., but I do know that as I get older, and these episodes Of periodic paralysis get worse, I do experience cramping in my hands as well as in y feet and they do hurt, a lot!!!!!!!


I'm fairly recent in the group, but desire to more actively revisit our coping measure with some our daily struggles. Just getting up and around in the morning is a tiring task to dress, or undress, to button and zip clothes, brush our teeth and comb our hair. I have adjusted to wearing mostly pull on clothing as no longer can mange buttons, zippers, tying shoes, or most jewelry clasps and earring backs,present helplessness. Trying to maintain a certain dignity in tasks in bath rooming etc. Sharing is knowledge and knowledge is empowering. GET UP, GET DRESSED, and GET OUT!! Tell us how you do it! I have CMT but CMT does NOT have me!