Symptoms continuing

I recently had a relapse in January. It has been a hard 11 months. Unfortunately I keep have problems with my white blood cell count and numbness and tingling sporadically in my legs and arms. This causes severe anxiety for me. I was wondering if anyone can relate and if anyone knows how long this may last for?

I'm still recovering from my first time after 5 months and haven't had a relapse so far. I just wondered when you first had a problem and how long before the relapse. Are your symptoms the same? I had anxiety when this happened to me and totally understand about that. Hope you feel better soon!

It was about 10 yrs between relapse. My father has had it twice and his was 8 yrs between his first and second! This time it just feels like it’s taking forever to feel better. The first time I didn’t have much issues after I was able to walk again