Symptoms worsening, possible 2nd round IVIG would it be done in hospital long infusion time

I am 4 weeks post diagnosis… Had my lower EMGS yesterday my symptoms of pain , burning ,throbbing numbness is worse. Had the 5 day regiment of Ivgi did ask due to worsening symptoms did I need 5 more he said right now we will treat the symptoms with a increase in Gabapentin no pain meds ECT.
To call him Friday if it helped then would make decision,pain med possible Fentyl patch, and IVIG again.
Not sure if I would be put back in hospital I received 35 grams my infusion time was quite long at about 10hours. How long was yours???
All the best I hope your recovery is quick.

For me, after my first bout of GBS, and after my relapse, I went through plasmapheresis 5 treatments every other day both times. Really seemed to do the trick. For pain I was on fentynil patch (off now) and lyrica 150 x 2 a day. Now down to 1 a day until I run out, much too expensive and only marginal relief. I might ask Dr about gabapentin.

plasmapheresis. this needs to happen, asap. please ask your neurologist about this and start treatment right away. The longer you wait, the less recovery you may have. with GBS, once you plateau, then it doesn’t get worse. I was on a ventilator and when I finally had plasmapheresis, I began to recover. but only with that treatment.


You dear man, I am watching my patient go through so much. However, his diagnosis was the 5th of July and my-- what progress from then until now. It is amazing the little tiny daily miracles that add up to a noticeable change in a few weeks time. He was clear down on feeding tubes, not use of any limbs and has come back remarkable well. He is in his early 40's and his attitude remains great. He always feels that he will make it through this. So will you. God bless you every day and hopefully you will be back real soon.