T cell Therapy for myelin disease

We wrote before about our therapy for MYELIN diseases.
T Cell Therapy is based on Scientific & medical discovery called Oral tolerance.

Oral Tolerance treats immune diseases by lowering Antibodies which are Immunoglobins G, M. And E.
The Immunoglobins G & M are involved in AutoImmune cases while Immunoglobin E causes Allergies.

In the past, Oral Tolerance has been successful in animal experiments but not in human
cases. The failure in humans was due to lacking a blood factor called B7.
If the B7 is present in human cases then it would be success too. However, Modern Medicines do not use herbs and herbs are the only safe method to induce B7.

Our company Lux Health has combined the Oral Tolerance knowledge and B7 Inducer herbs to make a successful formula.

The Suppressor T cell functions by lowering antibodies and it is specific. Since it is the cell that brings Healing we call our therapy T cell Therapy.

Oral Tolerance is successful in treating EAE and therefore MS.
EAE Mouse Models of Multiple Sclerosis. Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (EAE) is a widely-accepted model of demyelinating diseases, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) EAE is the animal equivalent of the human Multiple Sclerosis.

Oral tolerance works by lowering Antibodies to myelin. Other diseases that also have high antibodies to myelin include
ALS, GBS and CIDP. Since oral tolerance works for EAE, it is applicable and works

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The best example of healing was our treatment for diabetes 2 because
diabetic patients monitor their blood sugar often.
In our experience, when diabetes patients takes our formula and if the
goal is to reach a fasting blood sugar of 100 or 90 and he starts with
say 150, he can see the progress and improvement since he will notice
blood levels go to 140 then 130 then 120 until it reaches 100 or 90.

If MS patients have a test that measures their Myelin antibodies then they will see it going downward until it is almost low to not cause disease.