Is it okay to get the D-TAP booster shot with CIDP or POEMS SYNDROME. Thought some one has had this come up before. Give me some scoop!

I was advised against all vaciines with CIDP. I don’t think I’ve caught a significant cold inover a decade.

There is a lot of negative info about vaccinations out there. My doctor has never advised against it
Nor have I heard that people with CIDP should not have them. After all they are made to protect us from diseases. I have CIDP and am up to date. I recently heard that the TB vaccination helps with autoimmune diseases according to some recent research. Anyone heard anything?

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I am not against vaccines. However, I took the flu vaccine and had laryngospasm on and off for a week. It was awful. I will not take vaccine with CIPD. The study you are referring to is a small study about the BCG vaccine. It needs more data but is very interesting.

I have not taken any vaccines since that happened. Terrible!

I read an article online and clicked on who should not get the vaccine and it said people that have gbs should not get it. I assume that most of the CIDP, GBS, and POEMS Syndrome are all related?

I (CIDP) was also instructed by my neurologist not to take the vaccines.

I was advised by my neuro against vaccines. CIDP is an immune system issue, so I suppose anything that messes with it is a concern. I further suppose that vaccines ramp up the immune system, problematic if it is your immune system that is attacking you. I was on IvIg and it lowered my white cells and other immunities significantly. Same with Cytoxan and Rituxan. I once again i suppose that getting a vaccine, especially a live vaccine like shingles, would not be a good idea if your immunes are down. I wonder about the non-live vaccines. Anyone got further info on this?

Yes please, if anybody has some scoop please tell me. My Nero. says it is okay, my Doctor also says it is okay. I am not doing IVIG anymore, so I am not sure HELP!

My husband has CIDP. His neurologist and PCP both advised against any vaccines because with CIDP your immune system is not behaving normally. Your immune system may or may not react normally with a vaccine. With CIDP, vaccines are not worth the risk.

Remember, I don’t do IVIG, I also was diagnosed with POEMS Syndrome on my 4 year later second opinion. Both the Neuros say it is OK. So I guess I will get the D-TAP booster. I am only getting it because my first grandchild is due on August 7TH. Will advise if there is a problem, or if there isn’t

They think that I got GBS following the Tdap vaccine. My doctor said they would do a titer to check to see if I would even need it later before I have to have it again.vaccine.