Tanking Out

Things are finally turning around for me this week after a 5 month reflare of symptoms. I seem to have some good hours in the morning (so thankful!!) until between about 2 and 5 pm depending on how much activity I have done for the day then I tank. I can feel the nerves from my legs to my face quivering with exhaustion and it's hard for me to do anything else but lay down then I can really tell how exhausted I am because of these trembling nerves. Does anyone else experience this? I've been taking a nap during the day when I can which is great. But when I'm done for the day, that's it. I have nothing left really to give. Thankfully, I'm experiencing very little pain with it, just fatigue and tightness sometimes in my neck. My eyes have improved so much and although I get some blurriness by the end of the day with this, it is so much better. Any suggestions for improving this fatigue?

Dear Tarhealing,
The doctor and the physiotherapist always tell me to pace myself and try not to do too much at once. They also gave me sheets of information to show my family so they are aware that i cant do the things i used to do without taking break or needing help and its ok. I will post the information they gave in the gallery section of the website.

Regarding the double vision, it stopped for me when I stopped the gabapentin pills after the doctors approval.

Stay strong,