Tell me something good

Lets change the mood a little, please share something good that's happened to you, or are looking forward to!

Tell me somethin' good!

Hi everyone!

My somethin' good is my great granddaughter's first birthday party is coming up in two weeks. My granddaughter is holding this at one of the new local hotels in the party room!

I will be dressed to the teeth, with hair and makeup, with my arms full of beautifully wrapped presents for this little doll!

I will be well, happy, and there!

My outings have become endless Doctor and pharmacy trips, so this will be a nice change and lots of fun! She's such a happy child!

Since I have paid attention to my CMT, I feel more compassionate of others. I also feel genuinely happy about taking care of myself first, for a change.

Hi Dr Greg,

Good to hear from you!

I'm sure your patients are very fortunate to have you!

Firstly, it's a beautiful day: clear skies, trees turning, vibrant colours, even in the town gardens there are late flowers and as I look out this window I see beech trees in gold, brown, russet, ochre, red. Even if it wasn't such a beautiful day I still have my memories - the most recent being a visit from my son and his girlfriend where we discussed everything from climate change to the X Factor. And I have this wonderful machine I'm using which allows me to send a follow-up message to my son and his girlfriend and keeps me in touch with friends, family, well-wishers. Also, I can watch and appreciate Professor Cox in his new series 'Human Universe' explaining with amazing visual metaphors the furthest reaches of astro-physics and the whole scientific community who have made medicine so much more reliable (I see an ambulance through my window, I used to teach paramedics, I know so many great medical people who give their all). And, similar to Professor Cox, courtesy, again, of this computer the wonderful free online Ted Talks! Then there's my neuro-linguistic counsellor, who has MS and has to haul herself upstairs clutching the banisters, and the positive wisdom of words which we discuss. She talks about 'energy management' not 'fatigue management' and calls a 'bad day' a 'holiday/day off' - and I'm learning. Most of all I am so lucky to be married to a lovely, caring woman who has her own health issues but supports me and we talk and talk then we share silence as a gift and a privilege and a choice. As Carl Sagan said (quoted by Professor Cox) 'For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.' So with autumn and the ambulance out there, my family connections through this machine, my counsellor, my wife - and, crucially, choosing to see the positives (while accepting calmly that they're linked-in with darkness) - I'm surrounded by love.


You write beautifully! How lucky you are to have such marvelous friends, loved ones, and interests! I have been a Sagan fan since the first airing of 'Cosmos'! He's on my list of people I would have liked to have met, luckily he left behind his wisdom and humanity to be treasured through the ages!

Thanks for your contributions! Lovely to have you in our group!

Wishing you well,



Thank you. It's been helpful to me to read what people say on this site - so that's another positive!

What I wanted to write about was how most positives are right there in front of your nose. Life, love and darkness in the everyday detail of getting on with it.

Having a condition can make you appreciate these close-to-home things when otherwise you might take them for granted.

And here's a really interesting article about the relative power of positives and negatives in our psyche. It comes from the excellent free online magazine Aeon

Very interesting article, Oxytosin! Goes to show you how much work is required to be a 'positive person'!

Thank you SK! My wife and I use 'being mindful', just sitting in the living room together in silence holding hands and looking at the wonderful play of light, the colour, the contrasting shapes and gadgets, the art, the books, the flowers, the photos of family. It's restorative to see the objects, and the meanings within the objects, afresh.

Each day that arrives is always a good thing. l may not feel like it is, but God is good all the time. l am looking forward to possibilities of renewed family units and Thanksgiving this year. We may also plan a trip for Christmas to celebrate us. Just not sure if that is best at this time or not.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone. ~Tami

Thank you Tami. Yes, every day life is there, a constant with its surprises. Today is wet and cloudy but that helps me appreciate the sunny days. It would be so boring and samey if everything was so-called 'perfect'. Contrast; difference and similarity; order out of chaos; ying and yang - that's the pattern. Unpredictable, sometimes painful, but complex and always changing. I always find it helps to talk or write about the patterns as they pass. I particularly love the natural world and how it has inspired so much great poetry. Which reminds me of a title from a Polish poem: 'Nothing ever happens twice' (not precisely, exactly, it's always new, but a variation on previous themes). And I love music - classical, blues, rock, jazz, folk - when it's raw and immediate, in person, played by people you've never heard of who are really skilled. Also, the amazing cultural variety of our planet.

We have a house full of grand kids! Sweet little people who are always glad to come to see us and get lots of love and attention! Speaking of music, it's Sponge Bob music playing at the moment! LOL! He and Squidward are quite musically inclined!

They also brought their newborn kitten with them, the runt of the litter and only 4 weeks old! I have to be careful as he likes to get under your feet!

Having them here is wonderful, but incredibly tiring, but it's the very best tired I know!

Sounds like you're having a ball to me. I watch animals out of the window. I've seen red kites, woodpeckers and foxes. For a short while in summer we have a nightingale which sings in the bushes by the road.

Thanks Ocytosin,

I did have a ball! Grand kids are always fun to have around! They never fail to come up with something totally unexpected, and make you laugh! They left a day early, which was okay, as I know for sure that they will be back soon! Plans change quickly with the young! :)

We have an abundance of blue jays, mockingbirds, doves, finches, but they have all but disappeared for the year. Every snow, a cardinal comes into full view in the pine tree facing our kitchen window! He is always a site to see! Once in a great while we'll hear an owl at night! Thankfully, it is NOT a screech owl, but he will wake you up to pay attention in a hurry!

Yes, we see a fox every once on a while, coyotes have been sighted, and my husband has seemed to run off the ground hogs and skunks leaving a radio blaring 24/7 in the garage! LOL! Luckily the hoard of wild cats of our neighbor have kept down the field mice, and in turn, no snakes have been sighted! I am hoping I can have a safe yard for the kids, as I would rather not have to wear a pistol to take the kids outside, like some of my friends who live further up the mountain. (Copperheads, Rattlers) Sorry animal lovers, but the kids always come first!

Aren't you lucky to have a nightingale? We have so many song birds, we just may have one too, not sure! One of my happy places is on one of the decks or porches, whistling with my feathered friends! As soon as I head out the door, I have them calling me! It's tons of fun to be so honored!

There is always beauty and wonder, we just have to be tuned in to catch it!