Testosterone Booster as Added Treatment

Hi Everyone, I was meandering the internet this morning and came across an article from a man who has GBS. He said that he was taking a testosterone booster, and that it had helped him a ton! He said the pain in his feet dropped to that of having a sunburn…as opposed to our feet feeling like a rhino is stepping on them. Any thoughts or experience with this? I’m very interested in hearing your stories or advice! Thanks alot, Jack

I would be concerned about the side effects of the testosterone. Fixing one problem and making two more.

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I’m going into it real easy with my eyes wide open. Thank you for your response!

Let us know if it works. I would be interested what the results would be. I work with neurologists and have never heard of this as a treatment. I will ask them and tell you what they say.

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Ok, I’ll be sure and post how things go. May take a few weeks to feel any difference. Thank you for your interest!