Thanks for the add

Thanks for adding me to your group. I’m 49, from Ashland, Ky, have CMT1a. Was diagnosed in 2010. My father had CMT and I grew up knowing all about the disease. I recently left my job as a full time Fedex Express driver. Unfortunately my body just cannot handle it any more. I have recently started a CMT support group in Ky. After a very rapid progression in last year I began having to use AFO’s because of the weak legs and ankles. I have been experimenting with natural things to help with my CMT. I especially love essential oils, which I use on a daily basis. Looking forward to following the group and meeting all of you.

Hi Debra, I am always looking for natural ways to help with pain etc. I haven't tried essential oils yet. I am going to have to study up on this. Gaynelle (aka Braylin's Gramma)

Thanks to CMT and my search for Anything to help, I started using them 3 years ago. I’m hooked! Always glad to share with anyone wanting to learn.

Terrific to have you and appreciate you sharing about your experiences. I relate to rapid progression; I worked hard my whole life, physically, and body got to the "breaking point". Essential oils are of interest to me; Do you know anything about magnesium creme with oil in it taking away pain in legs? I have a friend who told me of a homeopathic magnesium cream/lotion/oil for leg cramps and pain. Do you know how to get this? Thanks for sharing


CM I am not familiar with magnesium cream although I have recently added magnesium pills to my regimen. Also know that Epsom salts baths should be done. This helps add magnesium to your system also and I do them often. I’ll have to research the cream.

Dm read this article. There is also a link to buy the magnesium lotion. It’s a great article on why we need magnesium.

I am VERY interested in essential oils for healing, soothing and insomnia! I've used lavender on my feet and wrists but it hasn't helped.

Can you offer any advice as to what oils, combination of oils and where to put them might help with sleep?


First and foremost make sure you are using good quality oils. I prefer but i also have Young Living and DoTerra oils too. If Lavender by itself is not working, try adding Roman Chamomile and Marjoram. Bottoms o feet, temples, back of neck and forehead are great places to apply. Here is a blend that I’m going to try for sleep also. Cinnamon Bark, Ginger, Peppermint, Lemon and Grapefruit. I also ingest 5 drops each Frankinsence, Copaiba and Balsam Fir in a capsule and it definetely helps me relax and sleep.

Sounds wonderful, Debra!

I know that good quality oils are not cheap; I'll have to start accumulating these slowly ...

If you order from spark naturals you can get in either 5ml or 15 mil sizes. And if you use coupon code Campwander you will get 10% off every time. I think they are offering free shipping today.