The 3 dimensions of pain, does your Doctor ask you about this?

To better select the med most beneficial, three dimensions of pain have been established to classify yours.

When I visit the , I answer an even more detailed questionnaire about what type of pain I am experiencing, do you?

PAROXYSMAL PAIN - sharp, shooting, radiating, hot, electrical.

SUPERFICIAL PAIN - tingling, numb, itchy, sensitive, cold.

DEEP PAIN - heavy, throbbing, cramping, dull.

Unfortunately, I have them all.

I will have to remember this.....I always tell them....that it is hard to answer that question because the pain can change 5 minutes after I tell them how I feel at the "moment" . (sigh)

Dear SK:

Its been a year since I last visited my neourologist, I go to see her next Thursday afternoon. I'm sorry, but I don't recall her asking me about the types of symptoms that you listed. It's more of her listening to my mom and I asking her a bunch of questions, and then her fellow M.D.A. collegues tell me about they're so-called " Bebeficial " services. It's really just a big waste of time, but it gets me out of doing nothing all day.



You are very fortunate to have such a good mom! So am I!