The Grande Massage

I am taking my wife to The Grande Wailea Resort for her birthday for four days. I have infusions scheduled on the days after. I'm wondering what the best massage is for me, as I known very little about the best TREATMENT massage for CIDP. I am buying her facials and beauty massages. I'm going to duct tape my mouth closed so I don't argue, wince and whine about the prices... skin-flint that I am.

I will be broke and eating lots of Spam for the rest of the year, but she is everything to me since I contracted this horrible muscle disease.. and I mean everything: caregiver, nurse, accountant , cook, etc.

From what little I know Swedish massage it may be the best as it is deep-muscle massage. I am going to go all out, for once in this life, and get the 80 minute massage.

What do I ask for that will give me the biggest boost and glowing happiness? Thanks - e

What type of massage did you settle on, and how was the trip, Estaban?