The Mulberry Bush

Welt, as my daughters boyfriend used to say, no news is good news. I have been in a sort of remission for a good while now. Yay. I will have to do chemo and plasmapharesis when I go again, so, I am cool with this partially numb right foot, and less of my left is also the same. I can deal. I can deal with my tuning fork arms too.

I just thought that I would check in and say that. So there, I did. I do not want to see a dr. I have this machine in my chest that looks awful because I have no chest wall fat due to the bilateral masectomies of the past. BCBS has oked me to have breast fixes and also eye surgery fixes. These are on the back burner and I may not do either. I have had enough surgery and hospital stays to last me a lifetime and I may just not do this.

Caio loves,