The origin of the word 'pain',seems fitting, doesn't it?


First attested in English in 1297, the word pain comes from the Old French peine, in turn from Latin poena, "punishment, penalty"[125] (in L.L. also "torment, hardship, suffering") and that from Greek ποινή (poine), generally "price paid", "penalty", "punishment".[126][127] It also exists in Frisian as "pine" which in turn is related to the English verb "to pine" which means to long for.

Describes what we feel pretty well I’d say.

Really intresting!

It is interesting, and how we feel sometimes, but neuropathic pain, pain from sore ankles, pain from bee stings, etc. is not punishment. It is not the result of anything we did. On the other hand, pain from daddy's spanking....