There is a very effective prescription for pain that you may not even know about!

And you don't even have to swallow or inject it! It is extremely good for nerve and joint/bone pain!

The most difficult thing for me to do is ride in the car, bending, mopping, sweeping, lifting are not fun either, it's not just a pain thing, but a structural dysfunction.

I searched long and hard to find my Rheumatologist, and after 7 years, found him and had a diagnosis that visit, but have such a hard time getting there.

By the third visit, he told me he was sending his nurse in, I had no idea what I was in for, but it wasn't a needle, not even a short one, it was an anesthetic spray, and she sprayed my SI joints and lumbar spine and I'm telling you, I was numb, no more pain! I went to lunch after, drove home, and for a few more hours felt very good! Next visit, sprayed me again, then I said "Too bad that's not available as a prescription"! "AHH, but it is"! "You just can't use too much or use it too often!"

I have never heard of this before, SK -- thanks for posting.

I too am a member but I haven’t been on here in a while. I was diagnosed at 13. But have had started showing signs at 10 now with 36 years later. I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. I recently been diagnosed with Macular Cellophane. Which means I have 20/50 vision with cataracts in both my eyes. Iam only 46. I am sure there is a master plain for the reason that my day knew what he had after I was diagnosed. He is 1 of 9 children 8 boys and 1 sister. Out of all of them we are the only father and daughter that has it. I have tracked it back 5 generation no one else had it. I hope and pray this thing dies with me! I know this can skip generations I myself have a daughter who is 28 she has 3 children 1 son 12a girl9 and a girl 6. No signs ! Happy to say ! I developed my CMTs 11 years than him. He passed away at64. I thought my knowledge had died with him of the CMTs. But then I found this group. I got away from the subject I also have a son 19. He doesn’t show signs but I asked for a blood test ( my son wanted it) the dr said why would he want that? I said to see if he was a carrier he would like that information b4 he met someone and decided he would have the knowledge of running a chance on giving that to a child he has. The neurologist said why would want to no that. Because he likes to be informed.

It's smart to be informed -- you get more choices then. I agree with your son. I am glad your grandchildren are doing fine, Whippoorwill.

Hi Whippooril,

I am surely in agreement that knowing is better, and more choices are better! It's amazing that something can just show up, makes us all wonder what happened to make this occur, of course often times the answers remain elusive.

I sincerely hope that this ends with you, as my diseases end with me, when I finally found 'my Rheumatologist' and met with him the first time, he asked if I knew anyone with Psoriasis, I told him yes, all of my grand kids! Though I have Psoriatic Arthritis, I do not have Psoriasis, but in any case, if I have to be the one who has the autoimmune arthritis, okay, but I surely hope they ONLY have the skin condition, and nothing more.

I know this sounds like some kind of 'bargaining' but when you have children and grand children, you find yourself doing this to some degree, somewhere along the line!

I surely hope that your son is perfectly well, and can put his concerns, and yours to rest.

Thank you again for 'teaching me'.

Wishing you well,