This feature of the website seems like it could help me at least a little bit

I like that I can have a personal blog directly connected to my profile, and therefore this community. I have a personal blog on tumblr, but I don't like to talk about my health issues much because no one understands anyway.

I haven't been on the site for a while, life has been hectic. I saw a neurologist at the end of last month, and discovered the reflexes in my lower legs and in my arms are coming back. But they just blew me off and told me it couldn't be CIDP, all because of that one physician who jumped to Conversion Disorder. On the bright side, it looks like I could be in remission? There's the fact that my reflexes are back and lately I've noticed various patches where a pin feels somewhat sharp. I can even feel ants crawling on most of the upper half of my legs and on my arms! It's barely there, but exciting nonetheless. My hands and feet haven't had much improvement, and the numbness on the sides of my face is still the same. Not to mention the nerve pain, which is still awful. Even with those symptoms getting better, I still have other things that are getting worse -- breathing is still limited and I've developed a dry cough that's been with me for almost two weeks, I'm always nauseous and can barely eat most of the time, fatigue just won't go away, and of course my bowels are always reluctant to do anything. I found out recently that my mother had been diagnosed with Lupus, so now that's something that I have to push my Rheumatologist to look into.