Today I forced myself to get up and move.... and it worked!

I broke down and baked some cookies today. My dad rather likes all his recipes, and soon as he tries something new, its the best he's ever had and will go over it time and time again so you will remember how to make them the way he did. While I'll grant you, he can hold his own in the kitchen, and him being in the kitchen is good for him... gets him up out of his chair and doing something... hmmmm... I need to get myself up out of my chair and do something too. Everything these past few months has been around the tests that have been done and jumping through hoops trying to hang on to my house with out my job. I was officially terminated this last week because I was not medically able to come back from FMLA leave and I was not entitled to any more leave. Applying for Soc. Sec. Dis. and through DHS Disability benefits as well... piles and piles of paper work to fill out, now losing my insurance just as things start to get busy... Lots on my mind and I've admittedly been stuck in my chair feeling sorry for myself.

Today... Dad calls and is all excited about his batch of cookies and they are the best he's ever had etc etc. So I say "to hell with it!" I got up and made some Oatmeal cookies my way. While his are okay, and we eat them and call them good... I do like mine better. Today, I made my own... I don't use quick oats, I use the big ones... and I don't like mine gooey either. I like them a bit crunchy on the outside and a bit chewy on the inside... with some crackle on the top. And I put dried cranberries in them too. And they turned out awesome! Made me smile... I still got it! Packaged some up to take over to him tomorrow... so he can " test em. "

I guess I've been in my pit for so long, I needed to show myself that I was not all done yet. And I did. Then I called my daughter and tantalized her with them. It was fun. Most I've smiled in months today. Don't know what flipped my trigger to get off my duppa and get out in the kitchen, but what ever it was, was like a vitamin to me. Just had to force myself to get up and do it. I did several chores around the house today that have needed to be done, all in my good time. I needed breaks in between to rest my back. But I got back up and kept going back til it was done. It feels good to be able to accomplish something, and I think that alone is therapeutic... Pushing passed the questionable abilities to find the true ability to keep going. Just had to share it with someone.... think I'll also put this on my own page posts. ~ Blessed Be Sis

Darn those cookies do sound good! ~Mivida

They are/were good. Only a few left. Took some over to Dad's and the kids were here this weekend and had some too... Just need to make some more of them. Trouble is, if they are here and no one else is... I'll eat em and I don't need to be eating them. ( Just have to put them in the freezer and take them out a little at a time I guess. ) Just trying to find ways to make myself smile and be happy... even if it's small things. A smile is a smile and it feels better than the alternative. :)