Today ranks as one of the bad days... hoping for better tomorrow

Today was not a good day. Very weak today, and literally shaking. Have had to go through tons of paperwork these last few weeks, signing up for soc sec and disability. Have had to do it in spurts because my hands hurt or just get stiff or spasm or something. Takes me days to do one days paperwork. And my handwriting is suffering, I can barely read my own writing. Today, was just really shaking and weak. Thought maybe I was hungry, so I ate something, but it didn't help me. Everything hurt today, and even though the house was toasty warm I was shivering all day. I have good days and bad days... I have heard the term "remission" in associating with CIDP. So is this like a cancer or something? Today ranks up there with the bad I guess. Hoping tomorrow is better, still have paper work to get done. Hope everyone else is feeling better. ~Sis