Tongue speech pronouncing words

Anyone having mild difficulty with speech feeling like your tongue gets in the way? I’m not referring to vocal cords just pronouncing certain words?
Thanks lola

Yes -is there any solutions out there or is this another symptom we learn to live with?

I sometimes have issues with speech but usually I have more problems biting my tongue! Ouch!!

Hmmm that does sound painful and annoying, Chad!

So far don't have that issue currently.

Hi Lola,

Yeah I can hear myself slurring words even if I'm stone cold sober.

And after my second glass of wine I sound like I've spent three days in a bar.

It seems to me to just be another one of those CMT issues, but no one ever mentions it. I hope it stay a "Mild difficulty" for both of us.

Good luck, Stumblebum

This may not be something that you just have to live with…a Speech Therapist might be able to help you get some control over your wayward tongue. With problems like you’re describing it’ll likely be covered by health insurance. You will probably need a referral fist though.

Sometimes my tongue or my lips trip up on my words… Now, I haven’t been officially diagnosed with CMT, but I was told to go get tested by a podiatrist, but I get this word trip-up at least 4 or 5 times just in a school day! :o

I trip over my tongue or lisp often. I have had numbness of half my tongue. I still have damage from a episode of Bell's palsy over 10 yes ago.

I've noticed a bit of a change. Like my tongue doesn't move as fast as I need it to to keep up.

Absolutely!!! My wife has often asked me if I’ve already taken my night meds, at lunch time? No babe why? You’re slurring your words badly. Oh , great, another weird little thing to throw into the CMT bucket.

Glad to see I’m not the only one. My wife thought that the meds would stay in my system all night and into the day. no babe, no drugs

i’ve had episodes of Bell’s Palsy due to my CIDP. people thought i was drunk or stoned because my speech was really messed up.

Hi everyone, yes I notice that if I have to long of a question to answer or even just a long conversation with someone, I will start slurring. Sn the more I talk the worse it gets. It is like my tongue gets tired an the muscle in tongue just begins to just stop functioning. Crazy an that’s what people who don’t know me just stares thinks this girl is having some issues. Lol