Travel with CIDP and an immune compromised condition

I was wondering if there are people with CIDP who are also immune suppressed that have been on vacation to a tropical Pacific island nation? What if any strategies or measures have you taken? Have you had vaccinations for conditions such as Hep A or Typhoid and have you had any side effects from these shots? Appreciate any comments or support on this topic.

Think my CIDP resulted from Hep B shot when I traveled to Thailand.....Also had Hep A but B seems to give more problems I think. Look up adverse reactions to vaccines. I will never get another vaccine! Good luck.

Thank you 2bt2. Looked up various sites but nothing about adverse reactions on people who are already immune compromised. Neuro doesn't know, leaving decision in our hands, which wasn't helpful one iota!

So, if you or anyone else could assist it would be appreciated. Bruce.

I really do not know too much about the whys but my neuro gave me a letter for the hospital where I work that says I should not get anymore vaccines- flu or others. It may be that because I am on IVIG and they won't take. My thoughts if I possibly got CIDP from a Hep B, there is some reason my body can not take it and I do not want to aggravate it again. Good luck tho-travel on! I fit a trip in between IVIG to Japan and had a few bad days but it was great. I think I would look at the recommended shots for the area you are visiting and see if any are optional.Not sure if Typhoid ever gives problems or Malaria. I travel very basic and eat a lot of street food but if you are going to be staying at regular resorts maybe it is different as far as risks without shots?