Traveling While In Recovery

I am going on a vacation that was planned months before I got sick. I'll be traveling to Cancun with my boyfriend and our two kids (ages 5 and 2). This is the first time I will be traveling with my mobility challenges. Is there anything I should know about flying or traveling? I've never been a germaphobe before, but now I'm scared that my immune system is compromised and I hear airplanes are such dangerous places because of the recycled air. Should I wear a face mask on the flight? I'm not worried about looking like a cooky person - and I have requested wheelchair assistance. I have to remember to take it easy while out there. Originally we had planned to climb the pyramids, swim with dolphins and zip lining - obviously that all got scrapped. Which I am fine with, those things will be around next time when I'm fully recovered. Has anyone else had air travel or vacationing while recovering? Anything you learned that you can share? Any cautionary tales?