Trip to chiropractor reveals no reflex and lower legs

Hi everyone , I went to a new Chiropractor the other day and he was doing an assessment on me. We got to the knee reflection part and my left knee had absolutely no response my right very little. I went back a week later same result, I thought I would improve after the adjustment but he informed me not likely ever going to happen. I didn’t think to much of it and did not put it with CIDP till I read and article. It was saying how you loss your reflex in your muscles. I have drop foot in my left foot also.
It was sad to see that CIDP has claimed something else in my body but good to know it’s not all in my head.
Which at times I can feel like I am making these things up even after living with this for 15 + years. Even though I had a nerve and muscle biopsy that showed the deterioration was going on. After a while you tend to think it’s all in your head! Good and sad …