Trip to chiropractor reveals no reflex in Lower legs

Hi everyone , I went to a new Chiropractor the other day and he was doing an assessment on me. We got to the knee reflection part and my left knee had absolutely no response my right very little. I went back a week later same result, I thought I would improve after the adjustment but he informed me not likely ever going to happen. I didn’t think to much of it and did not put it with CIDP till I read and article. It was saying how you loss your reflex in your muscles. I have drop foot in my left foot also.
It was sad to see that CIDP has claimed something else in my body but good to know it’s not all in my head.
Which at times I can feel like I am making these things up even after living with this for 15 + years. Even though I had a nerve and muscle biopsy that showed the deterioration was going on. After a while you tend to think it’s all in your head! Good and sad …

The good news there is that you have some (if only a little) reflex. Total loss of reflex is typical of peripheral neuropathy along with foot drop (or a foot slapping gait) and a few other "typical" indicators you can easily find in the professional literature (and even in an ordinary internet search).
Some reflex indicates your neuropathy is not too far advanced. Well done to your Chiro! He is quite correct as nothing he can do will fix the neuropatyh. At least you are in a good position to watch for a simple sign that things are getting worse indicating a consult with the neurologist is a good idea.

My GP had a hard time getting any reflexes out of my legs 10-15 years ago during my annual physical. for some reason it wasn't pursued. I was diagnosed june 2013 with CIDP after ending up at ER because I was losing strength and feeling in my arms. within 6 weeks i relapsed after the initial treatment & my arms and legs were affected. now they cant get reflexes from any limb. I know how you feel about whether or not you're crazy. Having a forum such as this one or groups I've found on facebook have been educational. i'm not crazy or imagining things and there are unfortunately a lot of people out there. That too is the upside. I'm learning a lot from them & feeling supported in dealing with this. Good luck with your journey and recovery.

Be encouraged! I didn't have any reflexes in any of my extremities for as long a I can remember. One doctor said "You're dead!" after he examined me. I never expected to regain any reflexes because of the CIDP. Now, because of my remission, all of my reflexes have returned. I have been in remission for about 18 months. Be encouraged, it will happen for you too.