Under cooked chicken

A Michigan State University research team is the first to show how a common bacterium found in improperly cooked chicken causes Guillain-Barre Syndrome, or GBS.

I know my GBS wasn’t caused by a flu shot, that much I know. Most likely my GBS was after an upper respiratory illness I had come down with and had a hard time shake off. But after reading this article it also could be from eating chicken that was under cooked near the bone that caused my GBS.

Hey Spencer, thanks for sharing this article! I hope we can continue to find and share more research with our community :slight_smile:


I read the article and can understand that it would be a trigger but not a definite cause. When dealing with immune reactions “cause” is part of the mystery, reaction is as well. I’m a vegetarian so the undercooked chicken theory doesn’t apply to me. The vaccination connection does.
The important thing is that some people have an immune system that reacts and others don’t.

We are 100pc certain it was undercooked chicken or contaminated wrapping that caused my daughter’s paralysis. When she was in ICU, her blood showed campylobacter caused the GBS. She bough processed chicken pieces from an upmarket supermarket in the UK in January 2015 and is still suffering from paralysis. Thank you Waitrose!!