Unilateral or Bilateral ( equal progression on both sides)

Does anyone know if CIDP usually progresses bilaterally? I had my first major bout in 2010 and the progression seemed to be mostly even on both sides. Then when it went into remission that seemed to be even also. Now I am having the numbness and weakness getting bad again but seems to be more on the right then the left. Worse with the pains also. I had thought I had read or been told that the progression is Bilateral, does anyone know?

That was what I thought. I have the numbness and weakness on both sides just worse on my right. Thank you for the input.

Mine, if it is actually CIDP (the jury is still out on that), started strictly on my left side, got worse and worse, and now my left side is pretty much paralyzed after having symptoms for 6 years. Recently, it started to affect my right side. (:-( The clincher is, that I WAS left-handed, so I have had to try to teach my right side how to take over--which is putting quite a strain on my right side, especially my arm and hand....

Numbness is a sensory nerve problem; weakness is a motor nerve problem. I have VERY symmetrical motor nerve degenerations (muscle weakness) , but varied sensory reaction, i.e. pain, pins/needles, numbness, etc. in many locations on my body that are not atall bilateral.

Sensory nerve sensations are nerves that send information UP to the brain, motor nerves are commands tht dome DOWN from the brain or lower neurons of the spine to move muscle fibers. Then there are the nerve roots at the spine and the spinal tracts... geez, it gets complex! I recommend reading college neurological course studies and you'll find answers very quickly.

I've discover that I can exercise myself to a more normal state... but exercise and CIDP is a whole other subject.

Hint: swimming!