Hello. I was wondering past month at night only, I lose the flexible in my left foot. It feels like it is swollen but it is not. It makes harder o walk. It’s weird but only at night. Release fom hospital may 11 2014 with GBS. Thank you

Tally, I'm sorry your discussion went by without getting any responses -- it happens occasionally, but we don't like it to. How is your foot? Any improvement?

It’s ok. :slight_smile: it’s gone from left foot Its in the rt foot and big toe. I have been pretty upset and I know that doesn’t help. I have done a lot of research, on treatment. And I just can’t find a doctor :slight_smile:

Post that discussion, and let's see if we can get you a good one.

For me it seems as if my ankles and the section between to top of my foot and shin get sore. Which makes it harder to use that foot. That has seemed to have gotten better in my right foot. If I walk to much it makes my legs hurt. Calves and feet the most. My calf muscles twitch on both legs to. Plus random twitches all over.