My husband in just four months has been standing with the help of PT is this pretty fast for a GBS patient

In my experience it is real fast. Was he totally or partially paralyzed? Did he need a tracheotomy to breath? I was totally paralyzed for several months and partially for several more. I did not stand on my own for nearly 10 months. i now walk with a cane for balance and stability. This July I will have been back home for 2 years, In my opinion he is doing fantastic. you both should be really encouraged. What helped me the most was PT in a swimming pool. I had to pay out of my pocket, but my goodness was it worth it. Stay in touch with the progress reports. Thomas

As TLC says, it can vary quite a bit. I was able to walk with a cane after about 3 months, and my paralysis was 100% at its worst, so I feel pretty lucky.

If your husband is standing now, and is working with a physical therapist, then he's on the road to recovery, and that's great! Best wishes for you both!

4 months - that sounds about right. He will get better and better - probably get back to how he was before he had GBS. It takes awhile - but more than likely he will not have any permanent problems. The reason I say that is because I had GBS in 1988 and have talked to many with GBS since then - and they seem to be doing fine. Nebretta

Renae, PT really helped me a lot. Hope he continues to do so well in his recovery! I'm 8 months out and able to run again but was never paralyzed. I could always stand on my own but with difficulty at my worst. I still feel some residual effects but so minor in comparison to my previous state. I am thankful for each day and hope that I stay strong. Well wishes to you both!

Yes he was totally paralyzed and with a tracheotomy, He went in Oct 13 and was off vent Dec 15 moved to rehab Dec 24 he is starting to stand with assistance but with God help he will get back to full status

I went into hosp Oct 4 and when I left the hosp on Nov 4 I was walking with a walker

I was paralyzed from the neck down for 5 months. I was in PT for 4-5 months.With my T help it was probably a month she had to help me walk with the aid of a walker with arm crutches attached to it. I started walking with the aid of the walker on my own after about 3 months into PT. I still had not very good balance at all and very little gripping power for months.I am into my 3rd year. I was diagnosed Jan.2,2012. I am still undergoing IVIG treatments every 8 weeks. I still get tired very easily and still have some tingling in my toes. But I thank GOD everyday that I am where I am today.

That sounds about right from my experience. I had GB in 1988. Nebretta

Hey Renae. In my case after the ivig, I recovered at a pretty fast rate . Two weeks after getting out of the hospital I am basically back to normal. I do have some weakness in my right leg, and I get tired quicker. Stairs are also pretty hard. Pt definitely helps. Congratulations to your husband ! Gbs is hell and recovery is hard. I needed a walker for awhile. How bad was his case? Was he on a ventialterb?

He was totally paralyzed and on vent.he is still in rehab it has been a long road