Vaccination injury

I was talking with a friend of mine who just happens to be a lawyer, and a very good one, I might add . There is a government list of known vaccines that are linked to GBS. If you were vaccinated with one of those vaccines prior to contracting GBS, you may have a slam dunk lawsuit against the drug manufacturer. My friend brought one of these lawsuits for a client and got a real education on just how much the government and the drug companies know about GBS. The only thing that the drug companies could argue was the dollar amount owed to my friends client for pain and suffering, ultimately they were paid handsomely, which will help offset the enormous cost of medical care

I hate spell check. That is supposed to be vaccination injury

I came down with symptoms after a Tetanus shot but in my experience doctors are reluctant to say anything negative about vaccines. Can I still contact someone?

Hello tarhealing, doctors are very unlikely to admit that a vaccine would be the cause, they are afraid of a malpractice suit and generally get kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies. Your best bet is to talk with an attorney who has experience in vaccination injuries. My friend only practices law in Wyoming

Thanks, Charles! Will do!

You aren’t suing the drug companies or the doctors. The lawsuit is brought against the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act. The U.S. Court of Federal Claims decides who gets paid.

Tetnus is one of the listed vaccines covered but the injury would have had to occur less than three years ago to file a lawsuit.

I know that my GBS probably predates the vaccination injury compensation act and the statute of limitations is 2 years, but it would be interesting to see the full list of vaccines linked to GBS