My daughter became paralyzed by GBS 14 months ago. Despite the continuing tetraplegia, she is also suffering periodically from vertigo, being moved from bed to chair. Is this yet another burden GBS lays upon some of you?

I had vertigo along with some balance and sight issues. I found a physical therapy and balance center where they treat this. Within 4 to 6 weeks the physical therapist who was a vestibular specialist had fixed my vertigo with exercises that I did there and at home without medication. I was amazed that this could be fixed or improved but it can. It's called vestibular rehabilitation with adaptation exercises which allows the brain to adapt to information from the balance senses when there has been cranial nerve damage. My sister searched the internet and found him about an hour away. I couldn't even drive there in the beginning because I had so much trouble with movement and vertigo. The distance was so worth it! I had suffered for awhile and my other doctors never told me that there are people who can fix this and the exercises are so simple. This vestibular specialist said at first the exercises would make the vertigo worse but then it would be fixed. He was right. I hope your daughter finds relief from the vertigo and recovers soon!

I had vertigo while in the hospital and for several months after discharge. The odd thing was that it only happened when I was laying down and turned my head to the left. Standing and sitting I had no problems and other head positions had no effect. Thankfully it has gone away, hopefully permanently.

This is the latest thing that has happened which TarHealing was helping me with on another thread.

My vertigo can happen lying in bed and just turning my head ( hello Mark ) or riding in the car and the driver hits a bump or does something with aggravated motion, or I move too quickly to get something done and its like an electrical "Brown-Out". So yes, xtine, hopefully others can also jump in and confirm your suspicion.