Vibration therapy

Has anyone with cidp tried vibration therapy? a physical therapist I have seen recently thought that it might help cidp patients.

I never heard of this before, mike. The name didn't exactly inspire confidence (sounds either very Beach boys, or a bit mystical), but I see the therapy has caught the attention of the Mayo clinic ( as well as the National Osteoporosis Society, so I can see why a PT might recommend it.

I hope someone here has tried it and can offer input.

Nope! I can't even run the vacuum for 2 minutes as the vibration from that is enough to drive me bonkers and it doesn't end when I turn off the vacuum. My arms will buzz for hours afterwards. Lying on a vibrating table would put me straight into sensory overload. If others have tried it and it helped them, then I am happy for them. What works for some won't work for all.

Here's an idea. On a recent trip I was sitting on the side of a whirlpool tub and it gave me some temporary relief. So, I got a hand-held shower head with a massage setting and it works pretty well on my legs and hands too. FYI: the brand is Moen.