Waiting for rehab

My mum is in royal Preston hospital Neuro ward and is waiting for a bed in a rehab bed how long does this usually take . She has been in over 3 weeks and is starting to move her arms , hands feet and has even pulled her knee up a little . Hoping she gets to a rehab ward soon then they will start her physio on her legs and get her moving as this is getting her down just waiting for the bed .

It was a month of hospitalization for me, and then nearly 2 months in rehab before I was able to walk with a walker. Nearly a year later, and except for some tingling/numbness in feet, I’d say I’ve recovered well.

6 weeks in hospital (4 in rehab) with 5 day ivig therapy (discharged via walker) -

6 weeks home therapy ( discharged walking with cane ) -

6 weeks outpatient therapy ( improved walking with cane plus abiltity to drive)

6 more weeks of intensive therapy at home - then finally back to work

3 years later, still have numb feet, lower legs, hands, and I do not have great balance

BUT -- all that is OK - because I am still able to "Keep on truckin"!

Thankyou for your feed back such a great help .