Walk-in Bath Tubs?

Just wondering if anyone out there has a walk-in bath tub and what do you think of it? From what I have been seeing, I believe it would greatly help my lower extremities. I just don't know about the cost of one. They don't seem to want to give you any kind of a price until they come look at your bathroom and talk with you. I just want a ballpark figure and which one is probably the best one to go with. Can any of you help me out with this info. Any info would be apprciated. Thanks a bunch!

Hugs & Blessings


I had come here hoping to find some responses myself. One of the MOST challenging factors to my residual GBS is just how difficult it is to bathe.

I bet these things are expensive. I have seen a stainless tub with a hoyer lift chair, but that must be thousands of dollars to say nothing of how long it takes to fill such a tub and to maintain the hot water. one of the better doctors with whom I've worked said that soaking in a tub is critical for a lot of reasons, even in helping with pain. But I cannot get UP onc e I've gotten down, I am a large man (6'3" 225lbs) and I can't stand easily in ther shower as holding still is very hard.

If you're able to make phpone calls, I think I would be tempted to call my health insurance company and talk with them. I now have Medicare but I'm certain even they would be helpful. Some insurance companys automatically denyt such a claim on the first attempt and then, upon appeal, someone will actually read it. This is clearly something that is of medical necessity and because of the Dissability Act it is a little more easy to navigate the waters.

Contact the CGS/CDIP Foundation on line- if you've not become a member connect with them. Their Newsletter "The Communicator" is often helpful, occasionally redundant but there are people there who may have access to the information you want. They are: