WANTED: Info onVariations of IVIg dosages, durations, frequency , and additional drugs

I'm a newby here but have had some experience with IVIG for CIDP. I was diagnosed last year, began with 3 days of infusions then moved to 2 week interval infusions. (35 g in 500 ml - 3.5 hours - 170 lb male). After 5 months my MDs decided (arbitrarily) to go to 3 week interval infusion, whereupon I collapsed, arms, legs inoperable - emergency room, and 18 days palliative care in a retirement facility. I went from CIDP to GB and back and was not pleased. I stayed on the 2 week infusion schedule for 6 months, with the addition of cellcept (1 gram AM - 1 gram PM). I felt good on the 14th day often enough that I tried going to a 2-1/2 week schedule. This has been successful for the past 5 months although I feel just a bit run down late in the period. Starting in January (2015) I will try to go to a 3 week interval - same IVIG dose + same cellcept dose. I'm fairly confident - wish me luck. I do NOT look forward to a lifetime of infusions/cellcept and hope there is a future hope for cutting one or both down a bit.

I've been on a two-week (40 grams / day, for three consecutive days, for a total of 240 grams/month) for 10 months. I also take Imuran. The treatment is not perfect. And, not everyone recovers full function as this disease is insidious and unpredicatable. When I stopped denying this disease I found it much easier to move on in life. I always remember that my first diagnoses was ALS, and thank God I only have a CIDP that is 80% treatable.

CIDP = malfunctioning IgG, i.e., chronic. All IvIG does is swarm the body with functioning IgG antibodies to create a cascade complex of cellular reactions, therefore no reaction to treatment can be the same for everyone.

Go back to a two-week infusion with increase igG dose; IgG is very benign and can be increase to 300/400 grams or more. Remember, you are just a medical dart board and the neuro is trying to score nearer and nearer the bull's eye.